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                            Ghost Dog

  About a year ago my beloved dog Mandy suddenly died. Her death was a shock and I was traumatized from it as I had a very close bond with her. The night after her death upon falling asleep I was suddenly awakened and to my shock realized that I was still asleep but able to move around freely in this state I was in and unlike regular dreams where things just happen, I was fully conscious of everything and had full control of my actions.
    There was other activity going on around me too but I couldn't really see what, only what  I was allowed to see. The first thing that happened next I was shown Mandy and got to hold her and felt complete joy and disbelief and kept saying over and over "I can believe this is happening."
    There was someone there too communicating to me like putting thoughts in my mind to my questions, I couldn't see who it was though except I knew who ever it was knew me, like in charge over me.  I noticed Mandy looked thinner  like she did when she was younger and I asked why she looked like this and I was told that they (our pets) are given new bodies like we are. I then asked if I could walk around a bit and explore. I was told yes but to hurry up because I didn't have much time. Even though I was some place else, my surroundings were still my own home but like in a different dimension but the same place. So I walked down the hallway and saw my mom asleep and I was told to stay away from her because she was a negative force because she didn't believe in these things and
would knock me out of where I was but it was OK to be near my sister because she was open to this kind of experience. I remember holding Mandy and showing my sister and asking her can you see her and she said yes.
    Upon waking the next morning I felt peace and joy like I have never
felt before. To this day I will never forget this experience. I really
feel because of my grief that I was given a chance to see she was OK and waiting for me when it's my time.

Dec. 30, 2007

                                  Ghost Rider

by Amber D.

   One day about 5 years ago while running around on a day off from work I stopped by my friends house to visit. While I was there she began to say that she had witnessed some weird reflections in her appliances and in her sliding glass door that led out to the back patio. I can't remember why now...but I had been having a kind of a bad day and stopped her from going any further with the story. My reason being was I felt that if she did continue to discuss the paranormal that "something" would happen and I frankly wasn't in the mood to deal with it at the time. To take that a little bit further, I feel that openly discussing the paranormal opens "you" to experiencing activity.
   Well while we were chatting I could tell she really wanted to tell me what had happened so I gave her the go ahead. She proceed to explain to me that throughout the day she had seen three seperate images in odd places. One was the face of a man in her microwave door, an old lady in the glass of her giant fish tank and the image of a little girl in her sliding glass door.
   I am extrememly open to all things paranormal. I learn more and more not to take things at face value when people tell "ghost" stories. And I
find that other believers feel the same way that I do. That is even though I have experienced many different things of the paranormal sort that I find others stories of the paranormal a little hard to believe. Now my friend had never really experienced anything like this and I believed that she believed that she saw "something" because she was really unnerved by it and the whole episode seemed realy out of character for her.
   It was dark by the time I left for the night. I walked to my car, got in and just then something caught my eye. I saw "something" white float either across the end of my car hood or right in front of it. I didn't know why I was so bothered by it but I was so I got out of the car and looked around for what it was. I thought maybe it was a napkin or a paper cup or a plastic bag but I couldn't find anything. I eventually gave up and got back in the car, took a deep breath and started it up. I decided to go a little out of my way to drive the main road so there would be more traffic and light than there would have been on my regular route. This is how bothered I was by the mysteriously dissappearing white thing that I KNOW I saw float across the front of my car.
   I made it out to the main road but didn't get far before "IT" happened. I was just driving along minding my own business when I looked in my rear view mirror and I saw a litle girl sitting in my back seat looking right back at me.
   I've found it very hard to explain but the image appeared in like three flashes. Flashes or not she was there. I was so caught off gaurd and shaken by it I narrowly avoided having a full blown panic attack while driving. I had to actually pull over. I grabbed my cell phone and called my friend right away. The first thing out of my mouth was " You can keep your 'explitive deleted' ghost! I have enough of my own!"
   She asked me what happened and I told her and then I asked her to tell me the story again. Initially what I thought she had said earlier was that she was oustide smoking and saw the little girl inside acting like she wanted OUT. Come to find out my friend was inside and the little girl was acting like she wanted IN. I then sked her if she had seen the girl good enought to describe her. What she was she wearing? How old did she look? What color was her hair? As to NOT lead her into agreeing with my description. My friend described her just as I had seen her. The girl looked to be between 7 and 9 years old with brown hair and wearing what looked like a nightgown with a bow and flowers.
   After finishing up my conversation with my friend I took a minute to get myself together enough to drive again I said aloud "EVERYBODY OUT BUT ME!"
   Still to this day and pretty recently I do this. Whenever I am out at night alone and driving if I have the creeps for any reason I will say "EVERYBODY OUT BUT ME!"
   I have never experienced anything like this since and I'm glad for that. I have always been bother
ed by this incident and find myself thinking about it often. And after the fact me and my friend discussed that night trying to figure out what happened and why. We came to believe that the little girl had been hanging around inside the house as well at certain points. She is a mother and although her children were not in the home that day she told me a few stories about how her youngest who was 4 or 5 at the time would talk to someone who wasn't there and play as if she had a playmate when she didn't. And how her oldest who was 7 or 8 at the time had at least on one occasion asked her mom (my friend) where I was? When I had not been there. The daughter said she had seen me sitting on the couch. All I can say is it wasn't me. Now what is even creepier about this is that the "ghost girl" did kind of resemble me. I'm also pretty small in stature myself. I could see how a child would make that mistake. Now whether it was the "ghost girl" or not after the night I kicked out my spirit hitchhiker, there were no more odd sightings of her.

Jan. 5, 2008

                   Footsteps In The Night

    I use to live in a haunted house when I was a kid. My older sister would ask me to sleep with her at night because she would hear things and felt an invisible hand touch her. One time a vase above her head fell down on her head out of the blue. I use to get annoyed with her for bothering me at night and sometimes would play along with it because it was fun to believe in ghosts until one night when I had a incident myself that made me realize there really was something in the house.

   It was late at night and everyone was asleep but me. I just laid there in bed staring at the ceiling unable to sleep that night. I suddenly herd loud footsteps walking down the hallway and past my room. The footsteps went into the room at the end of the hallway and slammed the door loudly. I thought it was my dad and was wondering why he would be so loud walking down the hall waking everyone up. Besides that I also thought he was in his room asleep. I immedialtely got up and followed the steps to the room it went into. The light was off and I slowly opened the door but no one was there. I then went to my parents room and called their names. But they were dead asleep and did not hear me. So I walked to my sisters room and she was asleep too. Where did the footsteps come from?

   The next morning when I told my mom about it she shrugged it off saying I must be dreaming or it was my dad. But it wasn't and I was wide awake. After that I paid more attention to what was going on in that house. We eventually moved and the ghost didn't follow us, as the strange things that went on there never reaccured in the new house.

Jan. 8, 2008

                      Ghost Photographer

                                   by Ravi Shanker

   i am a photographer i has one friend name rohan  one day i was driving my car suddenly one man came and hit on my car and and i admitted  him in the hospital and the told me he died so i gave his family one lakh rupees and the problem solved and when i was sleeping my neck was so paining and i slept tomorrow i received one phone call that i should come and take one photograph of the degree students of there collage so i gone when i saw through the camera i saw like one ghost in the middle with blue color skin then also i took that photograph and i put the film on the computer in that it was rolled like all the students were died and i gone close to the computer and saw that ghost it turned and it frightened me and i fall down from my char and then only i know that the camera it self rolled like that then i slept down like that and at the mid night my neck pained and next day the rohan tolled that you daily com and pick up me in the collage after two day when i was working about my fails some body knocked my door and i saw it was rohan and i asked how you came? you told always i should  come and pick up you this time why you did not call me i asked and i was showing all the pictures i got an  phone and i took it and i asked hollow and he toled i am rohan why you did not come to pick up me i dropped my phone and and saw in my room all my files  were in down and i gone to pick up rohan and i asked to come inside and when i was driving she asked where we are going and i asked where we are going ? and i said we are going to one of the ghost expert and she asked why? and i said what and all happened when i was driving my car  i saw in the mirror the man who i killed was running back my car and i again saw he was not there and i saw in front of the car  glass i saw he was standing there and i take full speed  and hit him and gone to the expert place he asked me do you believe ghost? i said yes and he told this you will believe or not i don't he showed me a photograph of his family he showed this is me and
my family this looks like my mother but when i took this photograph my
mother was not live and i gone out one boy saw me and ran i followed and asked
why you are afraid of me and one  guru came and said there is one ghost  on your neck when will go only when you die and i gone to my home.

May 15, 2008

                   The Visitation of Aunt Ida    

by Conrad Gray

   Willem Bauer was a hard working family man.  He owned a little 40 acre farm along the Des Moines River, in north central Iowa.  By the end of most days he was very tired from his farm chores.  He went to bed and slept like a log.
One night as Willem was sleeping,the room seemed to light up.  He opened his eyes,and saw standing at the end of the bed, his Aunt Ida. She looked at him, with a sad wistful smile, and said "Willem, I'm leaving now.  I wanted to say goodbye to you.  You were always so nice and helpful to Chad and me.  Goodbye."  The room went dark and Willem went back to sleep.
The next morning, refreshed after a good nights sleep, and a big breakfast, Willem went back to work in the field.  About noontime his young son, Buddy, came down to the field to get him for lunch.  Buddy had bad news.  "Dad, we just got news that Aunt Ida has passed away last night."
A Strange look crossed Willem's face.  "My God Buddy, I already know!  She visited me last night to say goodbye."

October 28,2008